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Want to write a book (and automagically gain credibility) with the help of a ghostwriting pro? 

Hi, I'm Lori, certified business book ghostwriter and copyeditor. I help service-based business owners take the insights and ideas in their head and turn them into a book that can help pre-sell prospective clients on purchasing their premium (read: high-dollar) offers.

They say 80% of people want to write a book -- have you written yours yet? If not, let's talk about whether I can help you articulate and sell your ideas through my business book ghostwriting service. 

Looking to hire a non-fiction book ghostwriter to help you get a book out that will serve your audience? 

Let's chat! You can reach me here:

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Life Insurance in College Planning

Do you have clients or prospects who are planning to help pay for their children's college education? It probably comes as no surprise that the cost of tuition has skyrocketed—but just how much are we talking? Since 1982, tuition has went up a whopping 500%, which to put in perspective, is twice as much as costs for medical care and three times as much as the overall Consumer Price Index during that same period (Source). And the cold truth-- the families who don’t plan ahead may not be able to

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Blog Post: 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Agency

Does marketing keep getting pushed to the bottom of you to-do list? A lot of businesses face this when busy doing the work that pays the bills. If you’re at that point and looking for a partner to help you continue to grow your client base and your revenue— it might be time to consider hiring a marketing agency. However, not all marketing agencies are created equal. Before you invest your capital and time in a marketing agency, there are a few questions to consider. Do they understand your uni

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How You Can Help Increase the Longevity of Your Insurance Agency

There’s one (of many) aspects of your agency that even when all else seems to be running smoothly, has the potential to make or break it. What is that? The term “corporate culture” has become a buzzword these days, but what defines it? Culture is a pattern of norms, values, beliefs, and attitudes that influence individual and group behavior within an organization. The combination of each of these factors contribute to the overall image of the brand and can help attract and retain talent. The c

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Insurance Agencies That Want to Remain Profitable Know THIS

Financial success is not the sole indicator of a healthy organization. In fact, it’s more an outcome of a healthy organization. Let me explain -- Many agencies know how to be successful in the short term, but spend less time focused on how they will sustain that success over the long term. By the way, if you think your business can stand still and maintain while you're saying — I’ll get to that, I just don’t have time right now — I’ve got to break it to you...

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It's All About the Story … According to Our Brains

[This is a writing sample. This blog post is intended for financial professional use only. Not to be used with the public.] Let me tell you a story... Good storytelling grabs your attention, draws you in, and compels you to read more. What you might not know is WHY storytelling works so well, and how telling a story in the right way can help you convert more prospects to clients during your sales process. It's one that takes us on a compelling journey -- where we experience emotions like we're actually part of the story. Take reality competition shows. When I sit down to watch one, whether it’s MasterChef or The V

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Blog Post: Volatility Control Indices: Are they as good as they look?

[This is a writing sample. The content of this blog post is intended for financial professional use only. Not for use with the general public.] Right now, it’s tough to find an S&P 500® cap on a fixed indexed annuity or indexed universal life product that will get a client excited. With the recent drop in the market and rates at an all-time low, you’re likely searching for a way to give your clients SOME hope of a credit in their indexed annuity or IUL policy. Have you considered a volatility control index? In this post, we dive into ways to evaluate them -- Unfortunately, a low-rate environment is nothing new, but it's prompted many i

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Blog Post: How Financial Professionals Can Multiply Their Marketing Efforts

[This is a writing sample. The content of this blog post is intended for financial professional use only. Not for use with the general public.] If you're tired of cold calls to drum up business, want more than a mailing campaign, OR you're looking for a way to get seen by more of your ideal clients — you may be interested in a different way to grab your prospect’s attention in a crowded market... This “different way” I’m referring to is inbound marketing, which is often called content marketing. Despite the fact that "Content marketing has exploded in the last few years... and is projected to be worth $412.88 billion, by as soon as 202

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